We are a profitable community of hundreds of positive like-minded individuals who Learn, Trade, Socialise and Grow! We focus on 3 things: Trading the FX markets properly, Investing in Cryptos safely and personal development. With our Founder Siam Kidd texting out all his moves in real time, he’s delivered multiple millions in accumulative profitable trades to the community since 2013.

The WAP -Here at the Wealth Action Plan, we believe that Wealth Generation can be taught. In fact we have proven this. So we are on a mission to reach and help as many people as possible so you can then assist and inspire those around you. After thousands of happy students over the years we have the exact map which will rapidly accelerate your journey into financial freedom.

Our founder Siam Kidd is a full time Investor/Trader, owns 7 profitable businesses and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. He says, “I was probably the worst trader on the planet for the first 6 years, losing money constantly, before things became consistent. People don’t need to go through the same rubbish and difficulties that I did…”

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