One of our latest Tenants is “Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing C.I.C” and Sue Wright had this to say:

“When Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing C.I.C were looking for a suitable environment
where they could expand their services, founder and CEO Luke Woodley was delighted to
discover Ketteringham Hall.

We work with veterans and those in our community with complex mental health needs.
With this in mind we needed an environment that evoked calmness and tranquility. A place
that people wanted to come to, and that would play a part in their recovery.”
Starting with a modest space at the beginning of 2018, the community interest company will
expand fully into The Brotterton Suite by the beginning of September 2018.
Director, Operations, Sue Wright said “In order to provide the mix and range of services to
individuals working on their recovery, we need a variety of spaces. The Brotterton Suite
allows us to create just that. You will not find a filling cabinet or a classic office here – each
room is designed for comfort and peace, with soft furnishings and the offer of freshly
brewed coffee.

The directors were delighted to find that they had selected an area within the Hall, where
previously a famous and very old walnut tree had stood.

“The opportunity to be in the heart of nature and wild life, which is part and parcel of life at
the Hall, is an important element of the healing process. Our neighbours at The Piano Tea
Rooms are an added bonus, providing a perfect venue for our guests to visit and socialise in
a relaxed and accepting atmosphere.”

You can find out more about Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing here: