World War Two Memories

From time to time we are contacted by American personnel who used to be stationed at Ketteringham Hall during the war or more recently by their sons or daughters when they are told where their parent was stationed during the war.

A case in point recently was  a certain Mike Bommarito who whilst looking through his fathers possesions came across some old wartime photos and kindly offered to share them with us at Ketteringham Hall and this is what he said:

“My name is Michael Bommarito, my father Leo Bommarito, was a SGT in the USAAF, and stationed in Ketteringham Hall with the 2nd Air Division during WWII, a station which he often spoke quite fondly of.  With this being the 70th anniversary year of the end of WWII, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to go through his wartime photos and send them out to parties who I hope would find some interest their historical value.  Attached is a picture of the hall taken in either 1944 or 1945, with the entire Second Division command staff present, (though I’m not sure of what side of the hall the picture was taken)(editors comment its the south east facing the lake), I’ve come to find that wartime photos of the hall are somewhat rare, and this photo has sat in a box far too long. Please enjoy as I know he would have be pleased to know that pictures are being enjoyed 70 years later.”

He is the person on the far left top row.

Interested to hear from him, we got back in contact and he found us some other pictures which may well rekindle memories for others who have had family members stationed here in the war years – thank you Michael